Automatically Adjust Speed and Incline on Treadmill Based on Your Running Plan and Heart Rate - Easily with Gfit Smart Running App!

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Most of our products are compatible with Gfit software. 

What is Gfit?

Gfit is a phone software that provides you running plans, monitoring your running performances, enhance your running efficiency while interacting with other users.

How is it work?

Suggest a running plan for you based on your running purpose and body info.

It will notify you before each running stage and automatically change your speed or incline for you on auto incline treadmill.

It can capture your heart rate on your Gfit sport bracelet, and notify you if your heart rate is too high. Also suggest you if you need a easier plan to keep you heart rate steady.

You can also change your speed with Gfit sport bracelet by simply move your wrist.

Requirement for Gfit

You can download Gfit whenever to connect it with your Lontek treadmills for latest training plans and monitoring your running performance. You can also use your phone as a remote control to change the speed on your treadmills.

However, please note that you will need Lontek sport bracelet to use functions like suggest speed change based on you heart rate or change speed by moving you wrist. For auto incline function, you will need a Lontek treadmill that has auto incline function, i.e, Lontek F Series, Model Q1.




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  • Where can I download Gfit app? Or is it app store exclusive because I could not find it in my Google Play.

    Pam on

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